Welcome to GCER!

GCER (2007-now) is our team name, it is short for Group of Computational Epigenetic Research. Our project team is focusing on combining bioinformatic idea, methodology and tools to ensemble-based epigenomic researches. The computational epigenetic studies in our lab cover several domains, including the development and improvement of algorithms, software development, software platform construction, database development, the functional interpretation of genetic and epigenetic mechanism. The research contents cover the following domains:

  • Prediction of CpG islands, the methylation patterns of CpG islands
  • The quantification of DNA methylation difference (DMRs), chromosome modification difference (DCMRs) and gene expression difference (DEGs)
  • DNA methylation prediction in mammals
  • The epigenetic mechanism of ES cell development
  • The recognition of genomic imprinting and their association of diseases
  • The interpretation of the structure and function of nucleosome in genomic scale
  • The construction of web service and databases
  • Identification of human disease related epigenetic markers
  • Extraction and analysis of the epigenetic abnormal feature in tumor with high throughput information
  • Identification and functional analysis of the different epigenetic modification (including DNA methylation histone modification) regions or genes in the process of the development and evolution
  • Prediction and systematical analysis of the LncRNA in mouse development