Hongbo Liu (刘洪波)

hongbo919@gmail.com & hongbo.liu@pennmedicine.upenn.edu

My major research is focused on the design and application of bioinformatics algorithms to elucidate global epigenetic dynamics and regulatory mechanisms in normal development and diseases such as cancer and chronic kidney disease. Since starting bioinformatics research in early 2007, we have published more than 20 peer-reviewed papers in high profile journals including Nucleic Acids Research, Development, Database, Scientific Reports, Genes, Genomics and Briefings in bioinformatics.

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Ph.D. in Biomedical engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, October 2015
Major Area: Bioinformatics and Epigenomics
Thesis: Identification and characterization of novel DNA methylation markers in embryonic stem cells based on information entropy (Advisor: Prof. Qiong Wu)
M.A. in Biomedical engineering, Harbin Medical University, July 2010
Major Area: Bioinformatics and Epigenomics
Thesis: QDMR: A quantitative method for identification of differentially methylated regions (DMR) by entropy (Advisor: Prof. Yan Zhang)
B.A. in Information and Computing Science, Qufu Normal University, July 2007


Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
Postdoctoral Fellow, July 2018 - present

Center for Epigenetics, Van Andel Research Institute, Grand Rapids, USA
Postdoctoral Fellow, August 2016 - June 2018

College of Bioinformatics Science and Technology, Harbin Medical University, Harbin, China
Associate Professor, November 2015 - June 2016
Assistant Professor, September 2010 - August 2015
Teaching Assistant, July 2007 - August 2010


National scholarship for doctoral students, awarded by Ministry of Education of The People's Republic of China (2014)
Outstanding master degree graduates in Heilongjiang Province, awarded by Colleges and Universities Committee of Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province Office of Education (2010)


Ø  Development of bioinformatics algorithms for integration and analysis of large sequencing data
Ø  Identification and characterization of epigenetic regulatory elements based on epigenome data
Ø  Exploration of abnormal epigenetic regulatory networks and their roles in human cancers
Ø  Epigenetic dynamics during development and their association with stem cell pluripotency


Ø  Software for DNA methylome analysis (SMART, QDMR, CpG_MPs, and EpiDiff)
Ø  Software for histone modification analysis (QDCMR, and QBioDiff)

Ø  Databases for epigenome research (SEA, DevMouse, DiseaseMeth, MetaImprint and HHMD)
Ø  Resources for methylation marks (human MethyMark, and mouse MethyMark)



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  1. Liu H *, Liu X, Zhang S, Lv J, Li S, Shang S, Jia S, Wei Y, Wang F, Su J et al: Systematic identification and annotation of human methylation marks based on bisulfite sequencing methylomes reveals distinct roles of cell-type-specific hypomethylation in regulation of cell identify genes. Nucleic Acids Research 2016, 44(1):75-94.(First and Corresponding author)
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